TaleFlick FREE After Second Renewal

TaleFlick has just turned two years old in August. We know getting your story adapted is sometimes a long road, and we remain ready to be by your side every step of the way. During this anniversary, besides listening to authors and working to be the best platform we can possibly be, we have decided to give you a gift.

After the second consecutive renewal, TaleFlick is now FREE.
  1. Initial Subscription (1st order)  
  2. 1st Recurring order (renewal) 
  3. 2nd Recurring order (renewal) 
  4. 3rd Recurring order (renewal, FREE from here onwards) 
After you purchase your subscription, you will have to renew it twice, and that's it. Your profile will remain online, and our services will remain active for as long as you want. Your pitch page will remain active, and so will your feedback report.

And remember: every subscription renews for the BASIC fee that was active at the time of purchase (with a discount - you're welcome to check with us your exact fee). Even if you have the STANDARD or PREMIUM plan, you'll still only pay BASIC fees for two more cycles... and then never pay again.

This is valid for every single subscriber, as long as there's no interruption during the renewals. If you're choosing your plan now, you'll only have to renew twice.

If you're with us since the very beginning, your current renewal is the last time you will have to pay anything.

Thank you for your loyalty and partnership! We're committed to improving, and always finding new ways to get your story adapted into a film or series. Stick around - news to come!